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This is where we went for my birthday dinner this year. It’s my 2nd time here and each time, the experience just gets better.


I’m one of those people who enjoy going places not just for its food, but to “tau si” which is cantonese for “stealing someone else’s ideas”. I enjoy taking in their deco and seeing if I can add my own touch just for future reference. The Drunken Admiral is definitely one of those places which just allows my imagination to go wild! Aside from the fact that the place is a bit cram, I simply love the deco here. Just walking in the entrance, it feels like you walked into the set of Pirates of The Caribbean. The interior of the restaurant is primarily wooden deck structures with overturned rowboats for chairs, oil lamps, big beer/storage barrels, wooden rudders etc placed randomly all over the place, ornament, pictures etc hanging from the walls and placed in display cabinets, even the toilets are like those you can get in the Titanic – solid looking metal doors with dim lighting.

Alright, enough about the deco. The food deserves 5 thumbs up. From the deco, you should probably gather by now that the place serves seafood. The menu selection is varied and will be able to satisfy the taste buds of everyone. Based on my first dining experience here, I knew the servings were big so I know I can only have entree but there was this one item on the menu which sounded really appealing – Garlic Prawns with Banana Curry. I saw on A cooking Ninja blog the Banana Curry she made and have been very curious since. I tried persuading everyone to order the dish but no one was brave enough to take up the challenge – all except for Alvin. He decided to please me since it was my birthday, as a reward for being a great friend I told him I’d pay for another meal if it wasn’t good. Well, it was really good, something different for a curry dish – it wasn’t spicy, more coconutty but has a subtle banana taste. The combination was definitely something I didn’t expect Garlic Prawns with Banana Curry(I’m definitely going to try making it at home one day). The picture does the curry no justice – you need to try it for yourself. Onto what the rest of us ate. I had the Salt and Pepper Squid the last time (which was pretty good by the way), so thought I’d go for the Hotrock Salmon. It was a bit different from what I expected. In Malaysia, there are a couple of places serving grilled stuff on hotrocks, whereby patrons are given a hotplate and slices of seafood/beef/chicken etc to sear on the hotplate and eaten directly. So, I thought, this would be something like that. However, this was what was served – a piece of salmon served on a hotrock on a bed of sushi rice –hot-rock salmon pretty cool! The fish topped with spices was done to perfection, bringing out its freshness and tenderness. Alan, Krystal and some others had the Yachties Seafood Mixed Grill – prawns, fish, scallops, squid and baby octopus served on a sizzling hotplate. YachtiesWhen the waiter laid the food down, he also whipped out a bib for each of them. They looked so cute in them! I recommended the Bush Fire Salmon, which my friend had the last time, and CY took up the suggestion. He had nothing but praises for it. Bush Fire Salmon Two other friends had the Sweet Chilli Seafood and the Sumo Wrestlers Last Supper respectively and they were not too bad. The rest had the Clipper Captain’s Seafood Sampler which was nothing less than excellent.

All I have to say is that this birthday was indeed a joyous affair for me. Fantastic food, awesome ambience, and excellent company is what makes a birthday celebration memorable. For those of you want a peek of what The Drunken Admiral has to offer, visit their very cool website and you’d definitely be tempted to pay a visit.

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This place definitely ranks as one of my favourite places! They’ve got the most magnificent margharitas, the most fantastic food and an amazing atmosphere to match. I’m not a big fan of Amigos in North Hobart as I find the place a bit crammy and the food’s not very nice. Here, at Tacos, there’s plenty of room to move around, wide open spaces, and comfortable lightings to make you feel at home and relax.

My favourite margharita is the passionfruit. There’s this colourful one which looks really nice but does not taste good! :p I’ve tried the Sangria there before and it’s not too bad if you like wine punch. For those who do not know what sangria is, it’s a wine punch typical from Spain and usually consists of red wine, chopped/sliced fruit, any sorta sweetener like orange juice, spirits and carbonated drinks like lemonade. I’m not a big fan of red wine (like most females, I’m a white wine girl) so it wasn’t exactly what I’d order regularly. But, I do want to pay a visit to the Latin American countries, in particular Spain, sometime in the future so as to taste authentic sangria and sangria blanca (white wine based sangria).

The food there’s fabulous! Most dishes come served on a sizzling hotplate. Almost every time, we’ll order a nachos with the lot (cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole) to share for starter. Imagine mountain of nachos topped with salsa and melted chesse with 2 large dollops of sour cream and guacamole at the side…oooo….YUM! :p I always go for the Spicy Prawns for my mains. It comes sizzling on a hot plate with onions and capers and with a mandarin salad in a tacos shell and buritos. We’ve also had the beef and chicken fajitas and those were good as well. We’ve never tried dessert there before because we’d be full to the brim after mains.

I highly recommend this place for those wanting to have a couple of drinks accompanied by quality mexican food. Remember to make a reservation or else you might be bitterly disappointed.

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This place is definitely one of my favourite joints. For the Fish & Chips lovers out there, this is the place to go. It’s relatively new in comparison to other places in Tassie but since its opening, it has become one of the biggest competitor for places like Mures and The Fish Bar.

The interior setting is contemporary and funky. The basic deco is black and white, with the walls painted with street murals. They’ve also provided cute drawings and colour texters to keep the kids occupied and amused, and a section of the wall has also been set aside to display the after products. Anyone will feel totally at ease and at home here with its light and causal ambience.

Fish 349 is often packed full with people. The one disadvantage is that you can’t make a reservation, but then again, if you could, it would defeat the purpose of it being a “fast food” joint. However, the service here is efficient and fast, especially in comparison to Mures. Often, within 10 minutes at most, we’d receive our order, fresh, hot and delicious! We’ve tried a few items off the menu, my favourite being the Caesar Salad with Seared Scallops. Light and simple, the meal’s filling enough without making one feel nauseous. I’ve also had the Hot and Cold Platter for 2. That’s also another good one to have if you like a taste of different stuff. If it’s just Alan and I, we wouldn’t be able to consume the whole thing, so we normally share this with one or 2 other people and order an extra side. The platter’s got a good mix of deep-fried crumbed prawns (I believe they use shredded coconut), Thai fish cakes, battered fish, fried squid rings, half a dozen of fresh oysters – 3 served with a pear and vinegar sauce, 3 served fresh, a huge serving of smoke salmon slices and cold cut prawns. In addition, there’s a side serving of a pear and parmesan cheese salad. When we first had the salad, we found the taste quite unusual, but after a couple more bites, you’ll grow to love it. :p

There’s also the normal aussie fish and chips, fish baskets etc., but done a lot better than Mures. Most of you by now would gather that I’m not a big fan of Mures. 🙂 But, honestly, the fish and chips taste a lot fresher and better. The ice creams are not too bad as well, especially the ferrero roche – it’s rich, creamy and has bits of ferrero roche in them – YUM!

All in all, this is the place we go whenever we feel like some seafood. Of course, you can go there for some other stuff like steak (a friend of ours tried and said it was good). Whatever it is, I highly recommend it if you want a good meal in a light, casual environment.

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At this stage, I would have to say Ming Court is probably the only place in Hobart one can get authentic chinese food. Some people might say I’m biased since I worked there (and still do go back and help whenever they need it). Honestly though, I’ve tried various places in Hobart and no other place come closest to Ming Court with regards to food and service quality.

The restaurant has been established for many years and have a solid, faithful clientelle, some frequenting the place for close to 7 years. The meals are catered very much to the Australian taste but will be done differently when catering to the Asian tastebuds. Frequent customers, especialy Asian customers often have their meals modified and changed to dishes not on the menu and that require more preparation time and effort.

One of my favourite dishes there is the Soy Sauce Chicken. It’s steamed chicken topped with a special thick sauce which I especially favour. I think I’d be happy just to have rice accompanied with the sauce! Another dish I highly recommend is the Braised Duck with Chinese Mushrooms and Seafood Hot Pot. The Capitol Pork – a dish not on the menu but can be specially requested is another favourite of mine. This is the closest thing you can find to Sweet and Sour Pork the Malaysian style. A must have everytime we are there is the Bean Curd Combination Soup and the Hot and Sour Soup. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water…yum..!

Although pricier than most places, Ming Court is currenyly THE only place for authentic chinese cuisine. I’m looking forward to the opening of Me Wah in Sandy Bay. They are the Award Winning Asian Restaurant in Tasmania and are based in Launceston. I’ve dined there once and have to admit they were better than Ming Court. Looks like Ming Court will certainly be facing stiff competition in coming days. 

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Tassie is famous for its wood-fire pizzas. One of my favourite place is Da Angelo in Battery Point. If you do not make a reservation, it’s more or less a guarantee you won’t be able to get a table, even if it’s for 2 people on a weeknight.

Everytime we go, we are sure to have the garlic pizza bread for entree. it’s your basic garlic bread but on a pizza base oozing with butter and lotsa garlic. Yum! The gourmet pizzas there are awesome. They’ve got a wide range of selection to pick from – ranging from vegetarian to chicken, seafood etc etc. The other dishes on the menu are really good too. We’ve tried the pasta before as well as the chicken breast fillets and they were really nice.

Although the place is a bit small and squashy, it’s all in all a great dining place. Top with amazing company, your meal is guaranteed to be perfect.

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Point Revolving Restaurant is the signature restaurant of Wrest Point. I’ve heard so much about this place but never got the chance to go there. This anniversary, Alan and I thought we’d give it a shot and see if it lives up to its name.

The view from up there was amazing, simply indescribable. You get a 360 degree view of Hobart City, Derwent River and Mt Nelson. I have to say of all the restaurants I’ve been to thus far, this place definitly has the best views. We managed to capture the nightlights of Hobart, but I would love to go back on a nice summer evening, as the view would be absolutely stunning!

As for the food, it wasn’t as good as Marque IV but definitely deserves a thumbs-up. I had the Veal Marsala while Alan had the Martini of Salmon Tartare for entree and the Civet of Venison and Chocolate for mains. He thought the entree would come in a martini glass as he’d seen it on some website before, but he was wrong! The meat were done to just the right texture and accompanying sauce complimented and did not overpower the dishes – bringing out its natural sweetness and tenderness. For those who are in the mood to splurge, I suggest going for one of those dishes which are cooked and served at your table. There was a table near us who tried that and the aroma was just sensational. Nothing beats watching your food cooked and served sizzling hot immediately!

The highlight of our night was the dessert. Since we couldn’t afford to have our mains cooked at our table, we opted to have dessert done at our table. :p It was really cool! We watched the manager prepare the sauce for the crepes and he even gave a commentary – explaining what was being added and the method of making. Sadly, the crepes were pre-made, so only the sauce was made at the table. But nevertheless, it was an entertaining experience. They were served delicately on a platter with fresh-made vanilla ice-cream and terrine (I believed it was grapefruit, mixed berries and I can’t remember the third flavour). Yum!

For those in Hobart, or visiting Hobart, the place is definitely a must. Even if not for the food, go for dessert/coffee just for the view.

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Marque IV, awarded “Best Overall Restaurant in Tasmania 2006”, definitely ranks as both Alan and my favourite dining experience. It is a pricey place but worth every penny spent. The dishes were cooked to perfection and the ambience comfortable with a touch of sophistication and elegance.

For the first time, I managed a 4 course and actually enjoyed every ounce of it! For those of you who feel overwhelmed by the different choices offered, I suggest ordering a little bit of everything. You could either, as suggested go through an array of amuse and entree dishes, or go the traditional way of starting with an amuse, moving on to an entree, then mains and ending with dessert! The amuse portions are really small and like its name suggests is meant to amuse your taste buds, triggering your appetite and anticipation for what is to come. Entree is slightly bigger in portions but not enough to fill you up. This is probably why Marque IV suggests to its customers to try an array of both combinations to entice your taste buds. The mains are definitely worth going for. We had the duck and that was THE most perfect duck dish I’ve ever had – juicy, tender and sweet. I have to admit I was pretty apprehensive about the dish as it was cooked in duck essence and I was afraid the taste would be overwhelming. But I could not have been further from the truth. Not only was it not overwhelming, but done to perfection, making one crave for more of it.  As for dessert, blissful but sinful are the best words to describe it.

This place is a must for food lovers. If you are interested in just a peek of what they have to offer, visit their website at www.marqueiv.com.au. Marque IV definitely lives up to and above its reputation for a great dining experience.

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