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It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. It’s hard to believe that we’ve gone through 37 days in 2010. My NY’s resolution was to spend a bit more time blogging. However, like most, if not all, my NY resolutions, it didn’t materialize 🙂 .

After 3 months, I’ve finally gotten Li San’s wedding photos of CY. Li San and I have known each other since our first day in Australia. Looking back, I can’t believe how our paths have crossed and what a blessing she’s been in my life. It feels like it was yesterday, Krys, LS and I were walking down the streets of Hobart, shopping and chatting away. I still remember us staring at our shadows on the pavement and laughing about how we looked like Charlie’s Angels. 3 very different girls, from 3 very different family backgrounds, with 3 very different personalities but one common thing – friendship without boundaries and inhibitions. These 2 gals have been nothing but a solid support in my life and that speaks a lot, as people who know me well, will know I’ve always had more close guy friends than I have girlfriends. Seeing how we’ve all grown in the last 7 years brings a huge smile to my face.

It was a pleasure and an honour for me to have had the opportunity to make LS’s wedding cake. LS and Jeeuk are certainly a couple you can say have seen the test of time and distance. I have to say not only was I proven greatly wrong, but was very impressed by how 2 people stayed together for so long despite the  distance – with one in Vancouver and the other in Hobart! Thank you so much guys for allowing me the joy of being a part of your journey towards a lifelong of laughter and love.

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You are not going to believe this! Pearlyn in her hastiness to upload the photos of the engagement cake accidentally logged herself out of her flickr account! Sighz…I’ve been making sure that I don’t do that as I can’t seem to remember my password! What’s worst is, I’ve forgotten the answer to my secret question as it was AGES ago when I setup my yahoo account! Oh gosh! There goes access to all my previous photos! Oh well, something good has come out of it. Since I’ve had to create a new account, I now have 200 free photo uploads again! 🙂

Technically I can’t call this my first 3D cake since I’ve made the piano cake early this year but what the heck! It was nonetheless equally, if not more, exciting and challenging! As mentioned in the previous post, when I saw this design lying on the counter of my cake supply shop, it was love at first sight! I knew this is THE cake and it fitted perfectly seeing the theme of the engagement was fairytale! Making it was a whole new issue altogether! Lucky for me, the aunty at the shop is an amazing, friendly woman and agreed to photocopy the cake  picture so I could use as a guide and lent me some of her personal collection so I could make the walls and stuff. Everyone who saw the picture of the cake thought there was no way I could reproduce it. Alan definitely had no faith in me and was more than prepared for me to fail! Talk about supporting your partner! :@ But, boy! I do love a good challenge and was pumped up to prove my “critics” wrong!

Well, in the end, I came close to reproducing the original but added my own touch to it. Don’t ask me “Why elephants?!” ! Cos even I do not know the answer to that question. I know it would have been a lot more romantic and prettier if I had made a boy and a girl but call it lazy, call it cute, or me simply being cheeky, but once again, when I saw these elephants while web surfing, I knew they were THE ones! 🙂

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It’s been slightly over 2 weeks since the wedding and I think it’s about time I returned. So many things have happened in the last couple of weeks – the wedding, my annual “flu” fight, Slave Auction at church and Aunty Jenny’s leukemia relapse. I’ve been busy, busy, busy!

I can finally sit back now and relive the wedding.

It was indeed a beautiful wedding – bursting full of love, joy, tenderness and laughter. I have to admit, I was really stress the week leading to the wedding. There were just too many details to finalise, too many things to buy, too many meetings to attend and too many itineraries to plan! People who’ve never worked with me previously were shocked at how domineering and demanding I can be. The bridesmaids were so afraid of screwing up that every little mistake they made, they were praying I didn’t catch it! 🙂

I was really lucky that as wedding planner, I had the support of a solid group of friends who helped out with the preparations. The day before the wedding was packed full with decorating the reception venue, ceremony rehearsal, last minute equipment collation, purchasing and preparing food and drinks etc etc. But it was all worth it in the end. By the time the photographers arrived and the groom and his men came to pick the bride, tired though we were, the atmosphere was charged with excitement, and anticipation. For many of us, this wedding was our first close friend wedding. Hence making it all the more exhilarating. 

I don’t think it’s a western culture, but in the Chinese culture, when the groom and his men come for the bride, it is tradition that the bridesmaids and girlfriends of the bride make it a little hard for them to achieve their aim. Needless to say, we had a few tricks up our sleeves! 🙂 When the guys arrived, everyone started running around. Doors and windows were shut – making sure that there were no possible entrance ways into the house. The guys were put through a series of tests – the first was to perform “The Chicken Dance”. This was so that they would lower their guard and think that we were gonna go easy on them. After that, there was a grueling session of 29 questions about the bride – whereby for ever wrong answer, they had to do a pushup. What made these all the more fun was that during these “tortures”, the bride’s father was there taking videos and photographs and taunting the groom and his men! After the 29 questions, the best man and groomsmen had to do 29 pushups, sit-ups and ear pulls individually. Why 29? Well, it’s ’cause the groom will be turning 29 this year! After the intellectual and physical round, it was time to work their creativity and originality – composing and singing a song with the bride’s name in it. Lastly, it was “angpow” (which means red packet) time. In the Chinese culture, the groom and his men have to give the bride’s girlfriends an “angpow” when they come for the bride. We girls decided that we were going to make their lives difficult by asking for 29 pieces of 5 cent coins. From here on, everything became a blur. We had a traitor amongst us and she had secretly opened one of the doors. The guys rushed in and people were running all over the place, shouting, screaming, some of us trying to barricade the stairwell and everything became chaotic. We were warned of a traitor, whom the groom had planted over a year ago, but our trusting nature led to our downfall! 🙂 

The wedding ceremony was held at Coal Valley Vineyard. The weather the day before when we went for rehearsal was really cold and rainy. As the wedding was to be an outdoor affair, we were praying really hard that the next day would be the opposite. God was on our side and the weather was just amazing for the last day of autumn – bright sunshine and warm enough to hangout on the patio for canapes and drinks after. 

This is my third close friend wedding and I think I can conclude that regardless of how many weddings I will attend in the future, as long as it’s a close friend, I’ll still be brought to the brink of tears. As I stood up on the patio watching bridal procession as YQ was led to Terence who was waiting for her, I felt myself holding back tears of joy. The joy radiating off her face and the pride shining from his was more than anyone could ask for. They were definitely a match made in heaven! 

The rest of the afternoon/evening flew by just like that. I allowed myself an hour of at the vineyard, catching up with old friends visiting from interstate and enjoying the scrumptious food and delicate wine served. We introduced out Aussie friends to the Chinese wedding toast. This is when we all raised out glasses in the air, and led by the groom, everyone will lift their voices and together we go “Yum Seng”. It’s not just a simple syllable pronunciation but the words are dragged out until you voice runs dry! Our aussie counterparts after the initial shock, enjoyed themselves so much that they were the leading voices in the following cheers! 🙂

It was back to a flurry of activities after that. I only had an hour gap between the ceremony at the vineyard and the reception at Quayside Cottage. Rushing from one place to another and touching up on all the last minute stuff kept me constantly on my toes. The rest of the night flew by without me remembering much of what happened. There was food, blackouts time and again thanks to the coffee percolator, speeches, more toasts and the cake of course. As previously promised, here are some pictures of the cake and sparkling wine arrangement. Sorry my designated photographer didn’t get an up close take so you guys will have to settle for this. I modified my tiramisu recipe and it was YUMMY!! 🙂

Sitting back now and reliving the wedding indeed brings smiles and sighs of contentment to me. I’ve discovered a new career path of weddings/events coordinating. Let’s just hope new doors will open for me henceforth…




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