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You are not going to believe this! Pearlyn in her hastiness to upload the photos of the engagement cake accidentally logged herself out of her flickr account! Sighz…I’ve been making sure that I don’t do that as I can’t seem to remember my password! What’s worst is, I’ve forgotten the answer to my secret question as it was AGES ago when I setup my yahoo account! Oh gosh! There goes access to all my previous photos! Oh well, something good has come out of it. Since I’ve had to create a new account, I now have 200 free photo uploads again! 🙂

Technically I can’t call this my first 3D cake since I’ve made the piano cake early this year but what the heck! It was nonetheless equally, if not more, exciting and challenging! As mentioned in the previous post, when I saw this design lying on the counter of my cake supply shop, it was love at first sight! I knew this is THE cake and it fitted perfectly seeing the theme of the engagement was fairytale! Making it was a whole new issue altogether! Lucky for me, the aunty at the shop is an amazing, friendly woman and agreed to photocopy the cake  picture so I could use as a guide and lent me some of her personal collection so I could make the walls and stuff. Everyone who saw the picture of the cake thought there was no way I could reproduce it. Alan definitely had no faith in me and was more than prepared for me to fail! Talk about supporting your partner! :@ But, boy! I do love a good challenge and was pumped up to prove my “critics” wrong!

Well, in the end, I came close to reproducing the original but added my own touch to it. Don’t ask me “Why elephants?!” ! Cos even I do not know the answer to that question. I know it would have been a lot more romantic and prettier if I had made a boy and a girl but call it lazy, call it cute, or me simply being cheeky, but once again, when I saw these elephants while web surfing, I knew they were THE ones! 🙂

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Yes I know…Pearlyn’s been slacking again! What happened to her? Why hasn’t she been posting? Oh well…it’s the same thing again…work commitments…falling sick (AGAIN!)…lack of inspiration…moodlessness…etc etc. Well, I’m back again! 🙂

I’m not sure if any of you guys remember but I was MIA in July/August due to overwhelming “work” commitments. Up till now, I’ve yet to come up with any reasonable explanation to justify my lack of posting for that month. Well, finally, after a lot of hassling and nagging, ah koh gave me the photos I needed to make this post even worthwhile. I have to bear 50% of the lateness in this post but only because I had to do a bit of further photo editing myself.

I was actually busy with one of my “sons’ ” engagement party. About a month before the event, I was approached by the couple to handle the food side of things. After comparing prices of various caterers, it was agreed that it would beneficial for them and for me if I did the catering for the engagement. It was really exciting for me as I finally got the chance to cater for a big group of people officially, and it was the ideal event as I love weddings and engagements.

So off I went designing a menu that would entice the tastebuds of all the guests. Whoa! It was hardwork! A lot of time was spent pouring over library books, magazines and various websites. In the end, we decided on more variety but lesser quantity of each item. It was great fun revising and re-revising the menu over and over again as I decided on feasibility, deliciousness, presentation etc etc. It was frustrating too having to come up with something that would hopefully please everyone (as the saying goes: you can never please everyone!). It was also a time of bonding for me with a good friend and “sis” – Ade (who sadly has returned to Singapore), as we experimented on different food and prepared for the event. All in all it was an adrenalin packed 4 weeks filled with many ups and downs.

It was also a chance for me to try new things. Not just cooking-wise, but also in terms of baking. I was asked to make the engagement cake and was just excited at the prospect of trying new decorative ideas and brainstorming on various designs. When I saw the design at the cake decorative shop I go to for supplies, I knew then that it was THE cake! Alan doubted I’d be able to produce it as it was something I’d never tried before but being me, I was all out to prove him wrong.

I got my first taste of being a professional caterer the week leading to the event. Every night before going to bed, I’d be planning the next day’s schedule. I became a stickler to details and plans as any one being out of place would throw my entire day off. The night before the engagement, I was up till late prepping for the next day, and was up early to make sure everything was in order. Then it was off to the venue and time to “kick some ass”!

Being a perfectionist, I had selected a group of friends whom I knew could be trusted to work with and for me. With delegation and instructions, we all got down to work. I won’t say it was smooth sailing but we pulled through. We had a fair bit of wastage thanks to a couple of miscalculated accidents. But all in all we had fun and it was indeed an experience to remember.

So here are some pictures to share the amazing and memorable event with you guys and also hopefully to entice your tastebuds! 🙂

The fun and hardwork pre-event....

The fun and hardwork pre-event....

The Feast

The Feast - (fr L-R): cocktails and mocktails, sushis, nachos and dips, rosemary and balsamic glazed drumsticks

Japanese anyone?

Japanese anyone? - Assorted sushis and inaris

More food....

More food.... (L-R): BBQ pork wrapped hoisin roll, prosciutto wrapped rockmelon, pie tee and little provencal tarts

Food for the sweet tooth

Food for the sweet tooth -Mini fruit tarts, blueberry cheese tarts, serimuka and kuih lapis

Engagement Cake

Engagement Cake

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