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This is an example of coversations I’ve had in the last couple of weeks with various friends:

Friend: Are you sick AGAIN?

Me: (nodding my head, pointing to my throat and in a whisper) Yes!

June as most could sum up by now has been by far the worst month for me all year!! Just when you think it’s going to end, news of Aunty Jenny’s return to the Lord came and that was probably the last straw for me. So, when July came, you could probably guess how glad I was June was finally over!

Aunty Jenny’s departure was in itself something to rejoice and cry about at the same time – rejoice in the fact that she’s back in the arms of the Lord and is free from suffering, but sadness in the loss of a great woman of God. Leukemia certainly robs one of their life in a quick manner. The last 5 months have been a roller coaster ride – drop in white blood count, then rise, then drop then rise…..we prayed, we praised, we worshipped, we hoped but in the end God’s in control and knows what is best. I never thought I’d be affected as badly as I had by her death but something in me changed. I realised that every moment now is precious and that I need to not take people for granted. When Uncle Frank and AJ were in OCF, I never took the time to sit down and have long talks or visit them in Margate because I always thought I had plenty of time”. There was always a “next time”, a “I’m too busy”, a “Christmas next year”, etc etc.

After she left, I knew that it was time to actually do something instead of PLANNING to do something. I promised I’d call UF as often as I could and would visit more in the future. By some pre-arrangement of God, a close friend and I were talking the night after AJ’s celebration service and UF came into the topic.

Me: Hey, weren’t you UF’s connect group leader?

Her: Yeah.

Me: Do you still have your old stuff? Do you know when is UF’s birthday? I somehow don’t ever recall celebrating his birthday in OCF.

Her: Hhmmm…I’ll check.

The next thing I know I received an sms saying it was Sunday the 6th of July. Whoa! 4 days after AJ’s service. Immediately we started planning a party for him because we know how hard it would be for him seeing it’s his first birthday without AJ. We managed to gather more than 20 of us and together we went down to UF’s place to shower him with as much love as we could. It was laughter, joy, happiness and love all around the house that night. We had heaps of food – lasagna, wedges, roast beef, salad, herb potatoes, quiches, spaghetti etc. I whipped up 2 different kind of cupcakes – Mississippi Mud Cake and Caramel Mud Cake, and decorated them to form out the words “Happy Birthday Uncle Frank”. It was all worth it just to see the smile on a man who’s played such an important role in so many of our lives. We knew that not only did it mean a lot to this 74 year old man that we were celebrating it with him, but each of us left that night knowing that we were changed in one way or another.

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