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Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂 Alan and I are not big fans of Vday and once again this year we’ve made a pact to not get each other anything – instead we’ll spend on our anniversary. However, dinner’s still a must. I’ve heard so much about Piccalilly and have been wanting to go there for some time. Finally, I get my chance to try this place everyone’s been raving about. 

Last year Vday we were at Gondwana before they changed management to Piccalilly. I have to admit that to a certain extent I was expecting to walk back into a restaurant with relatively similar deco and food menu. Yeah, I kinda didn’t do my research so was taken by surprised when I walked into the restaurant. The setting was different – elegant, sophisticated, but yet comfortable and relax. I vaguely remember Gondwana being a little less spacious as more tables were squeezed together to cater for more customers. On the other hand with Piccalilly, the deco made the room look bigger and more spacious, and there weren’t as many tables – hence catering for a smaller group, making one feel special to be part of this group of exquisite diners. 

The food was absolutely divine! I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful every dish was! At Piccalilly’s, they practice Assiette Dining – which is a French word meaning ‘Selection’. In other words, they only offer entrée size dishes and no main dishes whatsoever. Customers can either choose from a selection of savoury and sweet dishes up to their satisfaction or choose the option of a 3, 4, 5 or 6 course which was obviously priced a lot cheaper than hand-picking the same amount of meals off the menu yourself. With the set courses, it’s not like some restaurants where they give you a selection of dishes and you pick what you want, but here you can pick anything you want from the savoury and sweet menu. In addition, with the set courses, there is the option of having wine matching service provided by the Maitre’D to suit each individual meal you’ve selected.  

We were advised that the 4 course was equivalent to having a 3 course of entrée, main and dessert, hence Alan went for that while I went for the 3 course. Stunning is the best word to describe the night – the food and service was far above expectations. Staff were friendly, courteous, professional – exactly what every hospitality staff should be like. We had complimentary bread throughout our meal, as well as an amuse and a pallet cleanser on the house. The food was all about presentation and flavours – what is the signature ingredient of each item, what’s the best way to bring out the natural flavour of the main ingredient, how to enhance but yet not mask or overpower this main ingredient – all these and more questions were answered in every dish. To ask me to describe the dishes I had would be an insult as words will never do the chefs any justice. All I can say is that I’ve finally found a place where I can say is comparable to Marque IV. 

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