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This is where we went for my birthday dinner this year. It’s my 2nd time here and each time, the experience just gets better.


I’m one of those people who enjoy going places not just for its food, but to “tau si” which is cantonese for “stealing someone else’s ideas”. I enjoy taking in their deco and seeing if I can add my own touch just for future reference. The Drunken Admiral is definitely one of those places which just allows my imagination to go wild! Aside from the fact that the place is a bit cram, I simply love the deco here. Just walking in the entrance, it feels like you walked into the set of Pirates of The Caribbean. The interior of the restaurant is primarily wooden deck structures with overturned rowboats for chairs, oil lamps, big beer/storage barrels, wooden rudders etc placed randomly all over the place, ornament, pictures etc hanging from the walls and placed in display cabinets, even the toilets are like those you can get in the Titanic – solid looking metal doors with dim lighting.

Alright, enough about the deco. The food deserves 5 thumbs up. From the deco, you should probably gather by now that the place serves seafood. The menu selection is varied and will be able to satisfy the taste buds of everyone. Based on my first dining experience here, I knew the servings were big so I know I can only have entree but there was this one item on the menu which sounded really appealing – Garlic Prawns with Banana Curry. I saw on A cooking Ninja blog the Banana Curry she made and have been very curious since. I tried persuading everyone to order the dish but no one was brave enough to take up the challenge – all except for Alvin. He decided to please me since it was my birthday, as a reward for being a great friend I told him I’d pay for another meal if it wasn’t good. Well, it was really good, something different for a curry dish – it wasn’t spicy, more coconutty but has a subtle banana taste. The combination was definitely something I didn’t expect Garlic Prawns with Banana Curry(I’m definitely going to try making it at home one day). The picture does the curry no justice – you need to try it for yourself. Onto what the rest of us ate. I had the Salt and Pepper Squid the last time (which was pretty good by the way), so thought I’d go for the Hotrock Salmon. It was a bit different from what I expected. In Malaysia, there are a couple of places serving grilled stuff on hotrocks, whereby patrons are given a hotplate and slices of seafood/beef/chicken etc to sear on the hotplate and eaten directly. So, I thought, this would be something like that. However, this was what was served – a piece of salmon served on a hotrock on a bed of sushi rice –hot-rock salmon pretty cool! The fish topped with spices was done to perfection, bringing out its freshness and tenderness. Alan, Krystal and some others had the Yachties Seafood Mixed Grill – prawns, fish, scallops, squid and baby octopus served on a sizzling hotplate. YachtiesWhen the waiter laid the food down, he also whipped out a bib for each of them. They looked so cute in them! I recommended the Bush Fire Salmon, which my friend had the last time, and CY took up the suggestion. He had nothing but praises for it. Bush Fire Salmon Two other friends had the Sweet Chilli Seafood and the Sumo Wrestlers Last Supper respectively and they were not too bad. The rest had the Clipper Captain’s Seafood Sampler which was nothing less than excellent.

All I have to say is that this birthday was indeed a joyous affair for me. Fantastic food, awesome ambience, and excellent company is what makes a birthday celebration memorable. For those of you want a peek of what The Drunken Admiral has to offer, visit their very cool website and you’d definitely be tempted to pay a visit.

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