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At this stage, I would have to say Ming Court is probably the only place in Hobart one can get authentic chinese food. Some people might say I’m biased since I worked there (and still do go back and help whenever they need it). Honestly though, I’ve tried various places in Hobart and no other place come closest to Ming Court with regards to food and service quality.

The restaurant has been established for many years and have a solid, faithful clientelle, some frequenting the place for close to 7 years. The meals are catered very much to the Australian taste but will be done differently when catering to the Asian tastebuds. Frequent customers, especialy Asian customers often have their meals modified and changed to dishes not on the menu and that require more preparation time and effort.

One of my favourite dishes there is the Soy Sauce Chicken. It’s steamed chicken topped with a special thick sauce which I especially favour. I think I’d be happy just to have rice accompanied with the sauce! Another dish I highly recommend is the Braised Duck with Chinese Mushrooms and Seafood Hot Pot. The Capitol Pork – a dish not on the menu but can be specially requested is another favourite of mine. This is the closest thing you can find to Sweet and Sour Pork the Malaysian style. A must have everytime we are there is the Bean Curd Combination Soup and the Hot and Sour Soup. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water…yum..!

Although pricier than most places, Ming Court is currenyly THE only place for authentic chinese cuisine. I’m looking forward to the opening of Me Wah in Sandy Bay. They are the Award Winning Asian Restaurant in Tasmania and are based in Launceston. I’ve dined there once and have to admit they were better than Ming Court. Looks like Ming Court will certainly be facing stiff competition in coming days. 

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