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garlic black peppered pork fillet, originally uploaded by pearlyn83.

Last night, my housemate Chun Yen (CY) cooked on his own for us for the first time (we share cooking among the 4 of us during the weekdays)! Normally, Krystal does most of the cooking and CY helps with bits and pieces here and there. According to him, Krystal insists on cooking all the time so he doesn’t get a chance to show his “true” colours!

It was a great effort on his part last night. Everything was prepared from scratch and not some instant packed, ready-to-go meal. He seasoned the pork fillets with garlic, lotsa black pepper, salt and the rest you’ll have to ask him. The meat was pan-fried and then topped with Vietnamese Black Pepper sauce.

Overall, it was an amazing achievement on his part. The effort itself was enough to make any meal scrumptious. Great work, CY! I’m looking forward to more of your cooking when you get back in August. :p

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