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Burito Wrap

burito wrap, originally uploaded by pearlyn83.

There were some leftover burito wraps from our mexican dinner a couple nights ago, so I thought I’d whip something up for lunch. This is really simple. Microwave the wrap for about 1-1.5 minutes, place on flat chopping board or plate. Spread some cheese spread or bread dip (I used a crabmeat and chilli spread) and some seeded mustard. Top with a slice of turkey, some shaved ham, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil and mozarella cheese. Sprinkle some pepper, salt and chilli powder. Voila! Lunch ready in 5 minutes! You can use any topping you want. Be adventurous, try different things. I’m not a big fan of fresh basil as its got a really strong taste, but when mixed with sun-dried tomatoes, the effect was excellent! They both sorta balance each other out and makes the wrap really tasty.

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