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Point Revolving Restaurant is the signature restaurant of Wrest Point. I’ve heard so much about this place but never got the chance to go there. This anniversary, Alan and I thought we’d give it a shot and see if it lives up to its name.

The view from up there was amazing, simply indescribable. You get a 360 degree view of Hobart City, Derwent River and Mt Nelson. I have to say of all the restaurants I’ve been to thus far, this place definitly has the best views. We managed to capture the nightlights of Hobart, but I would love to go back on a nice summer evening, as the view would be absolutely stunning!

As for the food, it wasn’t as good as Marque IV but definitely deserves a thumbs-up. I had the Veal Marsala while Alan had the Martini of Salmon Tartare for entree and the Civet of Venison and Chocolate for mains. He thought the entree would come in a martini glass as he’d seen it on some website before, but he was wrong! The meat were done to just the right texture and accompanying sauce complimented and did not overpower the dishes – bringing out its natural sweetness and tenderness. For those who are in the mood to splurge, I suggest going for one of those dishes which are cooked and served at your table. There was a table near us who tried that and the aroma was just sensational. Nothing beats watching your food cooked and served sizzling hot immediately!

The highlight of our night was the dessert. Since we couldn’t afford to have our mains cooked at our table, we opted to have dessert done at our table. :p It was really cool! We watched the manager prepare the sauce for the crepes and he even gave a commentary – explaining what was being added and the method of making. Sadly, the crepes were pre-made, so only the sauce was made at the table. But nevertheless, it was an entertaining experience. They were served delicately on a platter with fresh-made vanilla ice-cream and terrine (I believed it was grapefruit, mixed berries and I can’t remember the third flavour). Yum!

For those in Hobart, or visiting Hobart, the place is definitely a must. Even if not for the food, go for dessert/coffee just for the view.

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