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grilled salmon with basil paste, originally uploaded by pearlyn83.

This is my boyfriend, Alan’s creation. He got this off some Internet video but couldn’t remember half of the ingredients and quantity used. Thus, he reproduced his own recipe! I wasn’t beside him when he was preparing this as it was my turn to kick back and relax! From what I understood, he used fresh basil, lime, salmon (obviously), english spinach and olive oil. As for the rest, you’ll have to ask him yourself! The result was surprisingly good – the salmon (according to him) was actually done right for the first time. He pan fried the salmon to brown it, blended the basil into paste and added lime. Then spread it onto the salmon and grilled it in the oven. That is all I know. In conclusion, it was an amazing effort for a guy who hardly goes into the kitchen! If only, there was nice, chocolaty dessert after…mmmm….yum…. :p

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